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Blu-Ray discs are fragile and susceptible to scratches, nicks, and getting lost. So you want an easy way to make a backup copy right? That what we thought and put this review togeter to help you sort our all the software options currently available on the market. This review rates the best of the best Blu-Ray copying apps today.
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Best Blu-Ray Copy Software 2016 Chart

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Leawo Blu-ray Copy Blue Cloner 3 DVDFab Blu Ray Copy Blu-Ray to DVD 2 Pro EarthSoft Bluray DVD Copy Pavtube Blu-Ray Ripper iToolSoft Blu-Ray DVD Copy Xilisoft Blu-Ray to MKV Converter AinSoft Blu-Ray DVD Copy Carol Blu-ray DVD Ripper
Leawo Blu Ray Ripper Blue Cloner 5 Review DVDFab Blu Ray Copy EarthSoft Blu Ray DVD Copy Pavtube Blu Ray Ripper iToolSoft Blu Ray Ripper xilisoft Blu Ray to DVD Ain Blu Ray DVD Copy Review Carol Blu Ray Ripper
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5 Benefits of a Blu-Ray Copying Software:

The most common reason to use a Blu-Ray Backup software is to make a physical copy of your initial Blu Ray investment. In case of scratches, fingerprints, breakage, kids playing with them, etc... you can rest assure that you have a working backup. Or even better, use the backed up Blu Ray as the main disc to watch and lock away the original.

What do the best software apps have in common?.

Our top 3 picks all offer regular updates to their software. Why is this important? First there are constantly new updates to the copy protection codes that are added to each Blu Ray movie. To be sure that the software works on newer movies the software must be updated with the new decryption codes to counter act this. DVDFab and Blue Cloner are updated the most often which is a major reason they are our top picks.

What to Look for...

There are 4 main criteria that we look for when we do our reviews and they include: 1) Overall Copy quality, 2) Speed Of the Copy, 3) Shrink-to-fit percentage, and 4) the Companies overall support.

Backup Quality: When you are making a copy of a Blu Ray disc you want to be sure that you retain the same 1080p HD quality found on the original. Our top 3 picks all allow you the ability to choose the output setting when you rip the Blu-Ray video ensuring that you are in control of the video quality. You can also choose to rip the Audio stream thus retaining true HD sound too. Many BD discs contain some form of copy encryption such as BD+, the software we looked at included the ability to remove BD+ from the test movies.

Speed: Speed is very important when it comes to ripping and backing up Blu Ray discs. Since you are dealing with HD video many PC's have to use all of their system resources just to play the video. So the best software will be optimized to use Quad Core systems and more advanced video accelerators. Of course our top picks enable this feature.

Shrink to Fit: Why is shrinking Blu Ray video important? First of all most Blu-Ray movies are over 25GB in size. If you don't mind paying $20 for a dual layer (50GB) BD-R then you are good to go. But if you would rather stick to a more affordable single layer (25GB) BD-R or BD-RW then you must utilize a shrinking feature. Or in other words the ability to remove unwanted features on the original disc, like trailers, BD-Live features, and certain Audio streams. Our top picks allow you to do this.

Company Support: Support is necessary because as we already pointed out, there are constant changes to copy protection schemes and the software must constantly be updated. In addition to this you may run into a snag. If you do you want to be sure that it can be resolved quickly.

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