How To Get Avatar on Blu-Ray Into a Digital Copy

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Almost everyone know that the movie Avatar is great in digital format. For me the main reason to upgrade to a Blu-Ray player was just to watch this movie in all it’s 1080p glory, and it looks great too. I expect many movies with this caliber of eye candy to be produced in the near future, and don’t forget Avatar 2 which was already announced.  When this movie first was announced in 3D it was seeing prices in the $200 range.But this article will explain how you can get your Blu Ray copy of Avatar into a HD digital format so you can watch it on your iPad, Android device, or laptop.

First off you need a Blu Ray decrypter or Blu Ray ripper. There are many available including some free offerings but I will focus on using the DVDFab software since that is what I use most of the time for my Blu Ray movie projects.  I recommend DVDFab Blu Ray Copy because this software is constantly being updated to handle the latest BD movies copy protection schemes.  If you don’t know how Blu Ray copy protection works just know that it’s tricky and it’s constantly updating, not to mention that it requires unlock keys for each title which is a whole other ball of fun.  I of course can’t go into to much detail on how to decrypt these keys so I’ll leave that to the software makers.

The following screenshot show the main interface of DVDFab Blu Ray Ripper which is one of the components you’ll find in DVDFab.  As you can see it’s possible to convert your Avatar movie into a digital format that is supported by XBox 360, PS3, iPod/iPhone, iPad, and other devices.  Let’s just say that all portable devices are supported.

Really that is all there is to it.  You really only need two items, well three possibly.

  • A copy of Avatar on BD
  • A software that can decrypt and convert (DVDFab)
  • A Blu-Ray burner or Blu Ray drive if you don’t already have one.  And no your DVD drive will not be able to read the Blu Ray disc no matter what you do to it.

And to leave you with a video walk through on how to do this step I found an official video from DVDFab that you can watch here:

Learn more about DVDFab Blu Ray Copy on our review page.

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