Remove BD+ From Copy Protected Blu-Ray Movies

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copy-protection-dvdOkay, so you are looking for a way to copy a Blu-Ray movie and have run across BD+ encryption right?  Well there are a few ways to get around this copy protection but please note that by doing so it is considered ‘illegal’ in most countries.  Now with that said it is your choice to use these tools or not.

To fastest and easiest way around the different forms of copy protections found today, such as BD+ and AACS, you need to  use a decrypter software tool. Many work on Windows and Mac such as Leawo Blu Ray Copy. Basically it is a background process software that runs in the background and will detect these encryption forms when found on a disc that you have in your drive. Then when accessed through a copying software it will just act like the encryption is not present on the disc.

Now, for the next step of the process. After you have a decrypter in place you also need a software that can be the front facing component of the project. Blue-Cloner is by far the easiest and most reliable to use today. Read the full review of Blue-Cloner here.

In short, Blue-Cloner works like a copy machine but for your physical discs. You insert the disc, click copy and wait. Once done you have a clone of the original BD movie.

Here are some common reason from BurnWorld you may want to remove BD+ copy protection

  • First I must point out that BD+ was put on for a reason, and when something is added for a reason there is a meaning behind it. In this case it’s to prevent unauthorized access which includes copying or ripping. Just be sure you have proper permission before decrypting BD+.
  • For many users they simply want to put the movie onto their hard drives so they can watch it later with either a HD monitor or you may want to bring it with you on your laptop so you don’t need to carry around a bunch of discs.
  • Other uses may include converting the HD content into a more portable format so you can put them on your gadgets like tablet devices.

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