DVDFab Blu Ray Copy


Video Quality:★★★★★ 

DVDFab Blu-Ray Copy for Mac OSX and Windows

Publisher: DVDFab

Pros: Complete Blu-Ray backup options. Shrink a 50GB BD to a 25GB. Copy 1:1 for a true duplicate. Rip/Copy certain parts of the movie.

Cons: Only does Blu Ray video, you need a seperate license for DVD.

What we think: One of the best Blu Ray Backup apps currently available. And they continue to update it which is a big plus.


Price: $48 with Coupon Code

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Download works on Mac OSX and Windows!

Ranked #2 out of 10 Blu-Ray Copy Software products reviewed. Compare All Blu Ray Copy Software Side-by-Side

REVIEW of DVDFab Blu Ray Copy Reviewed by Eric Byron on . Rating: 4.5



DVDFab Blu Ray Copy is one of the most consistent backup apps in this category. DVDFab has been around since the invention of the CD and really took off when DVD became mainstream. Their popular DVDFab DVD copy has been well received in past years. Their entry into Blu Ray has been welcome and their new software shows off what they can do to get around new Blu Ray protections.


Ease of Use: Excellent

DVDFab has been around long enough to know what their users want. Their new interface found in Blu Ray Copy is a welcome site for newbies and easy enough to use for those used to working with the software. The selections found in the software are simple to understand. It’s basically see and click to get a project started.

Performance: Excellent

DVDFab’s integrated video decoder and burning engine are to notch and have lead the field for years. By adding the Blu Ray option they are now much stronger by being able to decode HD video.

Video Quality: Excellent

After we concluded our 5 disc backup test, we have determined that DVDFab did an excellent job of preserving the original 1080p picture quality when we did a 1:1 backup. Backups that required that we shrink the video to fit onto one 25GB disc, we also found that the picture was still above par considering that it had to be shrunk. Audio quality still remained 5.1 surround sound.

Tech Support: Very Good

DVDFab probably has the best support around in this category. From their FAQ’s to their email support, you know you will get an answer if you have one. They also have a well designed forum where other users go to provide support.


If you are looking for more advance Blu Ray Copy options then DVDFab is one to go with. They offer more than just Blu Ray backup in their software, you can also copy to DVD or convert it to other portable formats is you like.

The program features a powerful built-in decryption. You can remove the latest Blu-Ray protections like MVB v25 and BD+ and region codes with this application without even harming the quality of the output videos. Lots of programs on the internet lack a built-in decryption engine and some of the ones that feature it affect the quality of the videos. This will never happen with DVD Fab Blu-Ray Copy, though there are even better decryption applications out there.

The decryption engine works so well because it is equipped with a dynamic internal parser. This can remove all intrinsic copy protection and region codes from original Blu-Ray discs, but also from normal DVDs. The program is updated all the time to ensure it will still be able to break and get past the newest copy protections on the market.

The program features a multi-language support, real-time preview of the converted files and also a splitter function. The last one is helpful for merging certain segments of a BD into a DVD that will play continuously. The preview of the video is not displayed in the same quality of the original media for the sake of speed.

The software is able to make perfect 1:1 copies and can also compress BD-50 to BD-25, BD-9 or BD-5. The copies you can make are supported and can be played by most of the DVD players. DVD Fab Blu-Ray Copy works as a Blu-Ray back up software as well. The program supports lots of other output DVD media, such as DVD+R/RW, DVD-R/RW, DVD-R DL and DVD+R DL (for both DVD-5 and DVD-9 mediums). The videos or content from the BDs can also be saved onto your hard drive and stored in safety, in case your BDs will scratch or get lost.

As stated before, the output quality can’t be doubted. The software offers supreme quality when it comes to the delivered results. The videos look great and there is no quality loss after a process. The same clear and sharp look will be on all your copies. There is a bit of quality loss when the files are compressed, but this is also normal. A program able to compress in full 1:1 quality has not been developed yet. If you want additional compression, the software will remove the HD audio, but you won’t hear any difference.

The developer offers a decent amount of support. You can find tutorials on the webpage for the basic features, but also videos on YouTube. There is also a good collection of FAQs and you can also find help on the forum. If you want to contact the manufacturer directly, you need to fill out an online contact form. You can’t find any email or phone number, which is a drawback as well.

Overall the program is a great Blu-Ray PC software able to provide high-quality results in a decent amount of time. You can purchase the application from the developer’s page for $60.00, but you can also see the program at work by downloading a trial version from the same source.

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