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Leawo Blu Ray Copy for Mac

Publisher: Leawo

Version: 2

What is it: Blu Ray movie ripper for Mac OSX platforms

Pros: It offers unmatched preview capabilities and quality video output. Shrink a 50GB BD to a 25GB.

Cons: Only does Blu Ray video, you need a seperape license or DVD.

What we think: One of the best Blu Ray Backup apps currently available. And they continue to update it which is a big plus.


Best Price Found Online: $44.99


Ranked #1 for Mac Blu-Ray Copy Software products reviewed. Compare All Blu Ray Copy Software Side-by-Side

 REVIEW of Leawo Blu Ray Copy for Mac by Rob Boirun

Gold AwardLeawo has hit the scene with their new software for ripping Blu-Ray movies for Mac users. Now owners of OSX and a Blu Ray drive can freely convert your own BD discs into other formats or to copy onto your hard drive for viewing on Apple TV or your home theatre system.

Ease of Use: Excellent

Performance: Excellent

Video Quality: Excellent

Tech Support: Very Good


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